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Prince Navon And Deuce Take Over TLM Freestyle Friday

Listen in on these two young, talented and gifted artist as they take over this addition of TLM freestyle Friday!

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Prince Navon and Deuce Takeover TLM

Prince Navon

Prince Navon – In this single Prince Navon reminds us that you can miss him with the capping, he IS the future to this new generation of music, and that’s no cap!

Click Here to see Prince Navon’s Miss Me Video on YouTube (over 300K views and counting)


Prince Navon’s TLM Digital Profile


Deuce - Down No More

Deuce – In what is guaranteed to be a smash hit, Down No More is a signal to you that in 2022 – we will be Down No More! We definitely got this one on repeat.

Prince Navon - Back To The Basics

Prince Navon – “Through God’s eyes I see the vision like its lasik…”  With lyricz like that who can stop a Prince when he gets back to the basics huh? We’re focused man, tell Steve Stoute to holla at us man.

Deuce - Blue Strips ft. Unknown

Deuce connects with the very versatile Unknown in Blue Strips. They’re not new to this and you better bring a whole army if you think they’re giving up their spot or giving up on their dreams, best believe that!  Peep the collab! 


Prince Navon - A Friendly Reminder

Prince Navon – “They must’ve thought lyricism must’ve died off” – no sir not in this freestyle.  And this is just a Friendly Reminder that he’s focused man, tell Steve Stoute, Dr. Dre and Def Jam to hollar at his camp man.