Terms and Conditions

1. Your Acceptance Of Terms And Conditions. In consideration of your use of the website, music and event management services of thelyriczmag.com you hereby agree that the services are provided to you under the terms and conditions of this User Agreement (“Agreement”), which may be updated by us from time to time without notice to you.

2. Description Of Service In this Agreement, the term “services” means the online registration and information submitted to thelyriczmag.com website and visitation of our platform. The services currently include providing users with access to information regarding various events, music reviews and editorials plus the ability to register and pay for the event online. In this Agreement, the term “registrant” means user designated to attend and/or participate in the event, submit music and their social media and email information. Registrant understands and agrees thelyriczmag.com provides event information and registration services and does not infer a conclusion about the registrants experience at an event.

3. Minimum Age; Parent Or Guardian By using this service you certify that you are at least 18 years old. If the person who you are registering for an event is less than 18 years old, you certify that you are the coach, parent or legal guardian of the registrant.

4. Information About You the Registrant, You agree to provide true, accurate, current and complete information when such information is requested in connection with an event.

5. Privacy Policy; You authorize the information you provide us through online registration is provided to in conjunction with the specific event for which you are registering and thelyriczmag.com may share your information with event staff, sponsors, non profits and the media. thelyriczmag.com does not sell your personal information with any third party. You agree that thelyriczmag.com may retain this information for its own records and for purposes of promoting other events, products and services in the future.

6. Release And Indemnity On behalf of yourself, the registrant, and the registrants parents or guardians, you hereby release and discharge thelyriczmag.com and its directors, officers, agents, employees, team from all claims made on behalf of yourself, the registrant, and the registrants parents or guardians (and the executors, heirs, administrators, and assigns of all such parties) and all claims, damages, judgments, and costs (including reasonable attorneys fees) arising out of or relating to the registrants participation in an event or submitting their music. Further, you agree to indemnify and hold thelyriczmag.com and its directors, officers, agents, employees, and team harmless from all such claims, damages, judgments, and costs (including reasonable attorneys fees) made by any third party arising out of or relating to the registrant’s conduct or participation in an event.

7.Copyright and Intellectual Property

Copyright is a type of intellectual property (IP) right.

IP rights protect creations, inventions, and the expression of ideas. There are four major IP rights:

  • Copyright
  • Trademarks
  • Patents
  • Designs

Copyright gives creators:

  • Ownership over their creations
  • Control over who can use their creations
  • Peace of mind that no one can download or distribute work without permission

The artist that we showcase on the lyriczmag.com platform includes studio music that’s been created by the artist and any members from their team that’s been previously distributed through vetted distributors by and from the artist. We assume no right or authority over the artist music and ask all artist to submit their registered music before we showcase over our platform. We assume no right or authority over the artist music unless previous arrangements and partnerships have been made.

It is our understanding that distributed networks (tunecore, cd baby, distrokid) who distribute artist music to DSP’s such as Apple, Tidal and Spotify vet music for copyright infringements. 

We often showcase an artist talent via Freestyles. Freestyles consist of an artist using their vocals over an instrumental or instrumental blended with another instrumental and often with additional vocal(s). As part of the staple of the hip hop culture up coming artist often use previously released materials to produce their Freestyles.  When previously released materials are used in an artist freestyle it is often viewed as a term of endearment to the original owners work.  Before an artist submits a freestyle to be showcased across thelyriczmag.com platform we ask that the artist inform our staff of any previously released work involved in the creation of their freestyle. If an owner of any previously released work discovers and desires that an artist freestyle be taking down, they can do so by emailing us at music@thelyriczmag.com

It is important to note that thelyriczmag.com will never release an artist freestyle work in order to receive compensation or build an alternative platform that showcases an artist freestyle work for direct compensation nor do we encourage our sponsors and/or partners to do so.