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Prince Navon aka Big Solo represents the Queen City well with his artistry and passion for music.

The sixteen year old prodigy has been making music since he was nine years old and it was around that time that his family noticed he was using double entendre layers to his lyrics. When they pressed him on how he seized the wordplay for his music, the Back To The Basics artist simply looked at them and said, “I created those rhymes all by myself.”

Prince Navon’s parents met in the music industry which injected him into a musically oriented household and sparked his long love for all aspects of music.

We asked Big Solo what it was like when he finally started receiving some traction with his music and he humbly replied, “It felt good but it didn’t feel like how I thought it would.” You read that right, even with over a half of million views and listens for his combined projects, this young lion isn’t close to being satisfied and even proclaims, “Complacency is a dangerous thing.” Prince Navon wants to keep it moving and elevate further. You hear this hunger and ambition in his music, you see it in his workout post across social media, you get the sense his goals are deeper rooted than just streams on a track.

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Prince Navon