Prince Navon

.Prince Navon aka Big Solo represents the Queen City well with his artistry and passion for music.

The sixteen year old prodigy has been making music since he was nine years old and it was around that time that his family noticed he was using double entendre layers to his lyrics. When they pressed him on how he seized the wordplay for his music, the Back To The Basics artist simply looked at them and said, “I created those rhymes all by myself.”

Ke Turner

What’s hotter than fire? It’s what comes out of Markesha aka Ke Turner’s arsenal of verbs, adjectives and nouns when she puts rhymes together
And the Yolandas MC doesn’t just stop there, her timing, delivery and the texture of her voice leaves you thinking that you’ve arrived inside the metaverse.

Freestyle Friday – 11/19/2021


Freestyle Friday



An upcoming national artist – repping the 704 – expresses his raw talents through his music and poised for everyone to know his name.
The young artist goes by the name ‘Mylestone’ and has music that will catch anyone’s ear.

Dukesta – Petty


Cortell – Easy Does It

Cortell’s ability to ride the beat, and speak each word with clarity and swagger is
something extraordinary. As the guitar creeps in and the flute starts to whistle, Liam
Steenkamps beat grasps the ear instantly.


Deuce is a young, 18 year old Jack of All Trades.
He began producing music when he was only 11 as he grew up in a household with a father who is an acclaimed music producer and a mother who loved to sing. He was born to be in the studio, which is why it’s no surprise music comes second nature for Deuce.
He’s shifted into not only producing, but also rapping within the last two years.


Mylestone – Sweet Tea

Mylestone – Sweet Tea

Upcoming national artist Mylestone’s album ‘Carved In Stone’ includes a song that particularly catches the ear."Sweet Tea"’ brings everything you may look for in a hip hop track, from the guitar heavy melodic beat, to the swift and smooth flow of Mylestone's...

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When you hear the rap flow of Dukesta you instantly feel the earth underneath your feet, he’s solid.
Listen closely and you’ll find Dukesta riding any beat, perfectly catching the mid tones

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Marc Millions

Marc Millions

New artist Marc Millions from Niagara Falls, New York has been hot in his city Niagara Falls for months. Marc has only been making music for less than a year however he’s on his grind like a chiseled veteran. This past summer Marc Millions was part of a 30 State Tour.

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Deuce – Baddest

Deuce – Baddest

Baddest is one of Deuce’s hottest songs, where he speaks on a woman he thinks is “the baddest”.“You something I never could imagine, I'm feigning for your love, I gotta have it. Deuces' lyrics in Baddest give the audience a lot to relate with, while showing us the...

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The young yet confident, 18 year old artist ‘Unknown’ is a creative musical lyricist.
From his melodic rap to raw hip hop skills, ‘Unknown’ brings a special flavor like none other.
‘The Quarantine MC’ is not afraid to experiment with his music,

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Marc Millions – 1 out of 1

Marc Millions – 1 out of 1

While reviewing Marc Millions single 1 out of 1, the song named after Marc’s first studio project ‘1 out
of 1. The song distinctly hits the ear, as a layer of piano riffs and a background vocal bumps
immediately, masterfully produced by Tom French.

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