Mylestone – Sweet Tea

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Upcoming national artist Mylestone’s album ‘Carved In Stone’ includes a song that particularly catches the ear.

“Sweet Tea”’ brings everything you may look for in a hip hop track, from the guitar heavy melodic beat, to the swift and smooth flow of Mylestone’s meaningful and rich lyrics.

When the 704 artist proclaims “Tell me where you going, what’s your motive, I know she did you wrong but here’s some hope for the hopeless, time heal all” he’s speaking to the listener, giving them something to take away from the song, relaying the idea that it all gets better. It’s easy to see Mylestone is cut for this, and is ready to prove he is that dude. “who wanna check with me and check and see if what I say is true or false and make believe, talk is cheap, lips still while my two fingers put up the peace”.

Mylestone proclaims with this confident line that yall can check the man, but when yall finally see the success he talks about isn’t just make believe, the instigators gone have no choice but to stay quiet, while he keeps climbing.

Sweet Tea by Mylestone