Marc Millions – 1 out of 1

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While reviewing Marc Millions single 1 out of 1, the song named after Marc’s first studio project ‘1 out
of 1.’ The song distinctly hits the ear, as a layer of piano riffs and a background vocal bumps
immediately, masterfully produced by Tom French.
Marc Millions’ anecdote on navigating through the trial and tribulations life throws at you
is spoken through this song, as he speaks on the love and hate associated with success.

“Im patient waiting on my time, to sign a deal and get on, you can’t tell me I ain’t work
for this, I put in the time and felt the hurt for this” Marc Million delivers a line, a warning
shot, a statement, letting everyone know that he’s putting in the work and grinding for his
success and he’s truly believing his time will come.

“I took some loses in this sh*t, but I’m undefeated, I’m 1 out of 1”

Marc Million reassures the listener, he’s one of a kind and is gonna prove it.
Through struggle comes the bottom feeders and through success comes the haters.
Marc flows about how people treat you when your up and how they treat you when your
down and his experiences with backstabbing and liars.

He’s giving us a glimpse into his experiences and he packs it all into one song. It’s impressive how well
he spits knowledge to the listener while creating a satisfying sound and impeccable
flow, riding the hard-hitting piano beat till the last second plays.

Marc Millions 1 out of 1
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