Dukesta – Petty

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While reviewing the Dark II project by the rapper who goes by the name Dukesta, there’s one particular song that immediately stands out, Petty.

The track produced by OKPetre who masterfully supplies the beat with some invigorating bass and a scary snyth blends perfectly with Dukesta’s heterophonic hook and rhyme sequence pertaining to the subject matter of the song.

At some point in life everyone finds themselves in a predicament where they have to let an
unprofitable friendship or relationship go and Dukesta helps you navigate those waters by letting you know that sometimes you have to chop the snake head completely off and finally be done with the situation once and for good.

When the Dukesta proclaims, “Feels like I’ve been beefing with the runner up.”

He’s speaking a note to himself which adds fuel to what needs to be done.  He then spits to the foe,

“We don’t even break the same laws,” and Duke finally informs the adversary that he’s willing to catch some “fed time” and even “a headline” if needed.

This track goes hard.

And check it out, should you ever find yourself in doubt about letting a relationship go
put your lighters in the air and repeat this!!!

“It is what it is…gotta get it how you live,

Throw peace in the wind, I ain’t gotta need to pretend, so cool if I don’t see you again –

No need for amends, all that I can see is the wind, I ain’t really gotta need for revenge bout to bleed in the Benz                                          ain’t gotta need for a friend…

It is what it is!”

Dukesta – Petty