Cortell – Easy Does It

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Cortell’s ability to ride the beat, and speak each word with clarity and swagger is
something extraordinary. As the guitar creeps in and the flute starts to whistle, Liam
Steenkamps beat grasps the ear instantly.
The first thing any listener can pick up is that Cortell can flat-out rap.
His flow, his lyricism, and his creativity gives Cortell a unique style, one that may remind
the listener of an old-school twang. You can hear Cortell’s raw talent, and love for the art
of Hip Hop, which is refreshing to hear.

“You ain’t been what I been through internally, every thought in my mind used to burden

me, then I get on a grip on the sh*t” The premise of the song is to influence love and

peace, and help guide the listener through the hate that you may bear.

“Do what you love and love what you do”

Cortell calls for more love and more peace, a refreshing outlook in today’s Hip Hop

Easy Does It By Cortell

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