Artist Prince Navon

Artist Prince Navon

Prince Navon aka Big Solo represents the Queen City well with his artistry and passion for music.

The sixteen year old prodigy has been making music since he was nine years old and it was around that time that his family noticed he was using double entendre layers to his lyrics. When they pressed him on how he seized the wordplay for his music, the Back To The Basics artist simply looked at them and said, “I created those rhymes all by myself.”

Prince Navon’s parents met in the music industry which injected him into a musically oriented household and sparked his long love for all aspects of music.

We asked Big Solo what it was like when he finally started receiving some traction with his music and he humbly replied, “It felt good but it didn’t feel like how I thought it would.” You read that right, even with over half of a million views and listens for his combined projects, this young lion isn’t close to being satisfied and even proclaims, “Complacency is a dangerous thing.” Prince Navon wants to keep it moving and elevate further. You hear this hunger and ambition in his music, you see it in his workout post across social media, you get the sense his goals are deeper rooted than just streams on a track.

And he confirmed our intuition when he mentioned to us that he wants to, “Change the narrative of what his generation views as cool.” And that he, “Believes the music that we listen to and absorb has a lot to do with the energy we feed off of and walk around with.”

You’ll find Prince Navon listening to and drawing inspiration from a variety of artist such as Logic, Bryson Tiller, Tory Lanez and even Erykah Badu. Whether he’s speeding you up or giving you his slow melodic flow, he maintains a consistency throughout his sound and voice texture.

But don’t get it fooled, Prince Navon strives to be a musical anomaly, a jack of all trades and ultimately desires to create a diverse discography.

But let’s keep it a buck tho!
In order to continually grow and step outside of your comfort zone with your sound and look, we all know it’s easier to take those risks when you are surrounded by people who are really rocking with you.

During our interview the Miss Me artist spoke about the difference between a supporter and a fan and why he thinks more about his supporters when he creates music. “Supporters” he highlighted, “are people who love REAL music and will support the movement, fans on the other hand are just there for the hype around Prince Navon.”

So here’s a noble decree for all the fans and bystanders. When was the last time you’ve seen a sixteen year old positively change the definition of what’s cool for his entire generation or even try to do so with his music?  If you’ve never met one, you have now – his name is Prince Navon aka Big Solo. Be sure to follow him on Instagram.  He has a new project dropping first quarter 2022.


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