Artist Dukesta

Artist Dukesta

When you hear the rap flow of Dukesta you instantly feel the earth underneath your feet, he’s solid.

Listen closely and you’ll find Dukesta riding any beat, perfectly catching the mid tones, treble and bass so that you can hear each word and syllable. You’ll never hear mumble and Dukesta categorized in the same sentence unless he’s chewing on MC’s.

You get the sense that the 828 Lyrical Giant has lent his ear to some of the legends from the golden era of Hip Hop and emerged with some knowledge that rhyming is a competitive sport and that each verse has to be on point.

In an era where many MC’s heavily rely on auto tuned like melodies to carry their songs, Dukesta flips the script and slows his lyrics down and uses those verses as hooks. Dope!

The Plain & Simple rhyme sayer makes music we all can relate too. That “going through life music.” He tackles complex subjects like betrayal and losing someone in songs such as “Froze” and “Love Lost” and he spits them in a way that even a child can know the deal.

On the flip side Dukesta reminds you that its okay to blow some smoke out, kick back and relax on “Bust It” and encourages you to get up and dust yourself off on songs like “Slippin.”

Back in 2018 after spending some years in the rap game and amassing a good body of work, Duke was set to put his rap game on the shelf at the conclusion of his Anthony Grae project. But the warm reception from the streets gave Dukesta a second wind. Since 2019 Dukesta has released a flurry of projects including Dark II and McDowell with more on the way soon.

You can rest easy vibing out to Duke’s music and you’ll never have to worry about extreme vulgarity.

When asked who does his music appeal to? Duke explains,

“I just want to make timeless music, so I want my demographics to appeal to everyone, anyone can press play and feel comfortable listening to my music.’

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