Artist Cortell

Artist Cortell

When you listen to the projects of the Louisiana born recording artist, Cortell, you get the feeling this is an artist not afraid to take risk with his sound and music.  And that’s mainly due to the fact that he was inspired by the hip hop artists of the 2000’s.  “Those guys wasn’t afraid to cross boundaries and borders with their music,” proclaims the Slight Flex Mc, “but I feel like each era had its own thing and they are all on their own tier and as a musical artist I appreciate each tier and what each category has done.”

Armed with much inspiration and creativity, Cortell’s display of lyrical talent shines through in cuts, Easy Does It and Most Definitely. It doesn’t take you long to discover there’s a spiritual quality to Cortell’s music and each verse has some level of meaning. Fans of music that touches the soul and challenges the intellect will particularly appreciate Cortell’s  delivery. In Boss Up he starts out by asking the leading lady, “What are some things you aspire to do or aspire to be?”  And then the Master Mind MC begins to unleash a perfect description of the dichotomy when the yearning for power, career ambitions and old wounds are mixed into the relationship.  In GFT (Good F’n Time) Cortell is reminding the listener that we can’t stay cooped up in the house forever so you might as well get out an enjoy yourself.

So wherever you find yourself in recovery from this pandemic, ride with Cortell because we’re sure he’ll keep you encouraged and inspired to push to new heights through his music.

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